Internet Marketing Tips – What’s More Important – Content Or Marketing?

We had just one more thread at the great old Warrior Forum about furthermore important…content or marketing. Some people claim that content does not matter. The only thing that matters is getting eyeballs for your offer. Other people say, if your content isn’t good, people won’t GO for an offer. What puzzles me is that there doesn’t are any middle ground. Question is, is amongst the two sides right? I shudder prospect. But for better or worse, this is my undertake the entire issue.

In order to understand where I am received from, you first need to be aware of the mindset of the person that’s going being your customer…hopefully anyway. When they check out search engines like google, that’s hopefully where you may be found, they are going there using a definite purpose in mind. This purpose is going to become different for each problem. But ultimately it comes down to satisfying the wants and needs of the person back then.

So, for a person who wakes up which has a headache and knows they can not take medications because of stomach problems, they’re trying to find some kind of home remedy which will alleviate their headache as soon as possible. Now, this may can be found in two forms…either a write-up with directions regarding how to get rid of that headache, or possibly a sales page selling some form of cure.

Which one they choose is determined by that they feel about each thing they read, may it be the article or the sales page. In either case, the language about the page are going to get the greatest decider regarding which direction the prospect heads. Naturally, with many people, first choice will be this article IF it sounds reasonable. After all, it’s free info and they need to do is glance at the steps to see if they cure the headache.

To provide you with an example of this, I had an upset stomach 1 day and I really didn’t want to take antacids. So I sought out information about natural home remedies and I found this article on ginger tea. So I recently bought some and sun of an worked. The content was only what I had to solve my problem.

here’s where I tennis ball so the monkey wrench if all of those other types of treatments, mostly paid ones, occupied page 1 from the SERPs and I didn’t see the content on ginger tea? I would have not found my cure.

The question the content on the first page as it was good content OR was it on page one as it was marketed to get it there?

From desire, I can claim that BOTH can occur. I have articles that I never did anything along with other than distribute them to 1 directory which get me 1000s of views each month. Certainly there was no marketing involved there. Conversely, I’ve had articles that I experimented with promote that still did nothing. The content was just just like my heavily viewed articles, but despite promotion…nothing.

So, in my opinion, a good deal depends on the content itself. Some can get up on its if it’s heads and tails above anything else. Others can’t come up with a dent it doesn’t matter what you are doing.

Therefore, instead of fighting the either or not just do exactly what you can to get your site content ranked? That means write good content AND publicize it.

Seems in my experience such as the logical choice.

But I am sure the content versus marketing wars continue.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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